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Cleaning & Safety

We offer a variety of cleaning and safety products to ensure that every establishment meets industry standards. Brands such as Rubbermaid® and Kleen-Pail® combine durability with quality to provide products that can be used in all aspects of food preparation. Rubbermaid Brute trash cans are made from a professional grade plastic and contain an interior and exterior that won’t rust, chip or peel, making these containers safe for both food storage and waste disposal.

We also offer products such as Carbon-Off! and Bar Keepers Friend to assist with everyday cleaning and maintenance. Carbon-Off! is a powerful gel that breaks down tough carbon buildup from metal surfaces. This product works quickly to save time and labor, ideal for metal surfaces, brass, stainless steel, barbecue grills and stoves. Bar Keepers Friend is another superior product that is safe to use on virtually any surface. This product can clean cookware, bathrooms, and kitchen surfaces and can remove stains, tarnishes and rust.

We also carry a variety of cleaning supplies and accessories, everything from mops and brooms, as well as floor safety signs and hand washing units. Don’t forget to stock up on first-aid supplies and janitorial disposables to ensure that your establishment is in tip top shape!

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