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No Duties, 110% Canadian

Russell Hendrix has been serving Canada for 30 years, and is one of Canada’s 50 Best managed companies.


No duties! No surprises!

No Brokerage Fee

No one likes a surprise bill from the shipping broker. Often this can be a $50+ unexpected bill. You never have to worry about brokerage fees when shopping with Hendrix.

Great Shipping Rates

If you're purchasing from the USA, the high shipping rates can really catch you off guard. We have negotiated some great shipping rates for our customers. If you ever are concerned and need an exact shipping price, feel free to fill out the request form.

Shipping time - In most cases, when the product is in stock we can get it out to you the same day or next day depending on when the order comes in. We also have the benefit of multiple warehouses, so your item will most often ship from the warehouse that is closest to you.

Returns - If you do have to return the item you can be assured its staying in Canada.

Warranty Assurance

Did you know many companies will not honour the warranty if the item is bought in the USA? Be confident in your warranty as it applies to products bought in Canada.

Just how Canadian are we?

We are the only dealer that holds an annual hockey game to celebrate our industry. Each year Russell Hendrix employees compete against a team comprised of our vendors in a spirited match with 12 months of bragging rights on the line.