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For 50 years, Rubbermaid Commercial Products has pioneered world-class product solutions that meet the challenging demands of commercial facilities while outperforming and outlasting the competition.

Maintain a Clean Environment

Washrooms are high-traffic areas and as a result, fixtures collect germs and bacteria. Rubbermaid Commercial Products offers a complete line of touch-free solutions to help reduce the potential for cross-contamination on user’s hands.

Let Rubbermaid help you create a safe clean environment for patrons and staff. Book a no obligation consultation with a Rubbermaid washroom expert to learn more.

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Benefits of a Touch-Free Washroom

Reduce the spread of germs.

Address concerns about cross-contamination on hands in public facilities with products designed to stand up to constant use.

Meet expectations of patrons.

Protect your facility’s integrity with consistent cleanliness that leaves every visitor with a positive and lasting impression.

Lower operating costs.

Reduce water usage and refill maintenance with products that are activated by sensors and dispense controlled amounts.

Air care.

Dispensing systems blend into the washroom environment, attack and neutralize odours at the source and release fresh smelling fragrances to create the ultimate sense of cleanliness. 77% of patrons that experience a business with unpleasant washroom smells leave with a negative perception of the business.

Let Rubbermaid help by providing automatic odour control options to fit your space.

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Waste solutions.

Silhouettes, Half Rounds and Sanitary Receptacles blend into your existing environment and offer patrons and employees with functional, touch-free solutions to dispose of waste.

Ensures a clean and healthy washroom environment for patrons.

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