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Catch 122

128 Carrie Cates Court North Vancouver, BC V7M 0G7

OPENED: Summer 2022
Owner: Brent Kyle and Tammy Siu

Catch 122 brings a passion for contemporary Canadian meals, including Brunch, served in a rustic chic, brick-lined space reflecting the family and community ambiance of the Shipyards area of Vancouver.

The café restaurant caters to those looking for a morning coffee and pastry, afternoon treat or unique meal with everything crafted on site.

Project Snapshot
Small Space, Big Flavours

Bringing a passion for food and community, husband and wife owners Brent Kyle and Tammy Siu relocated Catch 122 to it’s new location in the Shipyards area of Vancouver. As passionate and hands-on restauranteurs, Brent and Tammy wanted a space that reflected the family and community vibe that’s an integral part of their business. The new space is on the ground floor of a new condo building that had not originally planned to have restaurants, which meant the mechanical and ventilation requirements, as well as available storage, required significant planning and adjustment. Having worked with Russell Hendrix in the past, they reached out to Andre Cordeiro and the Russell Hendrix Commercial Kitchen Design team to help them coordinate the kitchen design and equipment requirements bridging the gap between their interior designer and the general contractor.

The culinary team at Catch 122 create all of their food from scratch. From pastries, to sauces to curing their own meats, everything is done on site and changes with their menu each week. All of these delicious options require very precise preparation and cooking guidelines. With only 600 square feet of kitchen space, the Russell Hendrix team provided the education on the latest equipment the owners needed that would allow them to fulfill their vision in such a tight space.

RH introduced them to equipment solutions that they hadn’t known were options including remote refrigeration, a custom Quest Chef Centre as well as integrating both a Rational Combi oven and a convection oven into the small space that would allow them to deliver the volume of baked goods they needed for their dine-in, take-out and wholesale business. In addition, RH suggested a mezzanine for the dry storage to ensure they would have the tools and ingredients they needed at hand as they solidified their place in the community.

With less than 50% of the space allocated to the kitchen the Russell Hendrix Kitchen Design team integrated front of house options for chilled and ambient display cases as well as an on demand glass washer and full coffee and espresso bar creating entertainment for guests.