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Alto-Shaam Ovens & Heated Holding

Cook your food to perfection and hold for hours without compromising food quality. No fans. No hood needed. Only big flavor and savings.

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Save $30 a day in operating costs!

Due to the Cook & Hold’s extremely low emissions, added ventilation isn’t necessary. This can save kitchens about $30 a day in operating costs, eliminating the hassle and expense of installing a hood.

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Energy cost as low as $1.25 per day!

Halo Heat® Cook & Hold Ovens

Alto-Shaam’s Cook & Hold ovens feature exclusive Halo Heat® technology. The gentle, radiant properties of Halo Heat provide higher protein yields and lower energy usage, saving money and time in a crowded kitchen. This technology makes it easy for the oven to transition from a cook temperature to a holding temperature until you’re ready to serve - without degrading food quality.

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Cook & Hold Oven
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No added humidity

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No venting needed

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No harsh heating elements

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Only costs $1-2 a day to operate

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UL testing vapor emissions of 0.5mg per cubic meter

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Alto-Shaam consistently has been recognized as a leader in quality and innovation by our partners, peers, and customers in the foodservice industry.

Holding Cabinet
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Energy cost as low as 28¢ per day!

Halo Heat® Holding Cabinets

Only Alto-Shaam Heated Holding Cabinets use Halo Heat® technology. No fans or harsh heating elements. There’s more to hot food holding than just keeping food hot. Support food production and extend preparation times outside of peak hours while maintaining the highest quality of food.

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No added humidity

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No water requirements

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No fans

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High quality food

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Holds food for hours using very little electricity

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