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The SuzyQ Cart System

A proven meal delivery solution for hundreds of Health Care Communities for over two decades. Developed by Registered Dietitian Suzanne Quiring, this innovative system ensures significantly hotter food, less food waste, an improved dining experience, and above all offers an effective, efficient meal delivery method ideal for hallway meal delivery.

Is the SuzyQ Cart System right for your community?

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Resident-Focused Serving

Cart is taken to each resident’s table where the residents are informed of their menu choices and get served.

The SuzyQ cart System consists of carts with food or beverages on them, operated by both Nursing and Food Service staff. A cart is taken to each resident’s table, where the residents are informed of their menu choices. They are then served accordingly. Residents have control over what they want to eat and the quantity, because they are always asked first, before food is plated. This step alone, greatly reduces food wastage, which drives down costs. More importantly, the level of resident satisfaction increases dramatically, as they now have autonomy over their food.

Significantly Hotter Food

This being the #1 issue for most homes.

Less Food Waste, Major Cost Savings

Food waste reduction is 30-50% from tray service method.

Fast & Effective Team Work

Between Food Service & Nursing staff with faster and safe food service.

Going mobile in a post COVID world.

An effective system ideal for hallway meal delivery.

SuzyQ is compact & mobile, so it can go anywhere the Residents are; in the dining room, down hallways, on patios and more. It can also be used for celebratory meals and special events. The options are endless to bring choices directly to the residents.

Is the SuzyQ Cart System right for your community?

Reach out for a free, no-obligation consultation!

"The numbers are eye opening as well, with improved control and less waste…we have a savings of $90,000 – for a non-profit society this is a massive savings. The savings paid for the extra staffing to serve the food. My plan for this year is to purchase 3 carts and employ them at another site."

- Wayne Maki - Executive Chef & Food Service Administrator, Excel Society

Developed by a Registered Dietitian.

Suzanne Quiring, CDM, RD

Suzanne has 25+ years experience in Residential Care Food Services and has walked along side 800+ communities with fellow Food Managers & Dietitians on how it can be improved. She has a ton of resources to help Communities improve their dining experience and she would love to share her passion and knowledge with you.

Suzanne will also assist you through the process with training and support via webinar, email, and phone - all included with purchase.

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